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Mejor jamón ibérico de bellota del Valle de Los Pedroches

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Belloterra, 100% acorn-fed Iberian pigs, 100% natural.

Tradition, nature and the environment are some of the values that we defend and protect.

The rearing takes place on large farms dedicated exclusively to the production of Iberian pigs, in extensive areas of holm oak forest

A wooded pasture, the best holm oak acorn, grass in winter and fodder and stubble in summer. That is the only secret.
The flavour, quality and variety are our best selling points. +

Iberian Ham

In our region, we are lucky to have a privileged climate and countryside, which makes it the most suitable location for extensively and freely rearing Iberian pigs.

From the Iberian pig we obtain Iberian ham, which is highly valued in Spanish gastronomy and increasingly valued in other parts of the world as the demand increases year after year, becoming considered a delicacy.

For ham to be considered Iberian ham it must come from an animal that is at least 50 percent pure breed, though at Belloterra we can guarantee that for our Iberian hams the pigs are one hundred percent pure.

However, it is not only genetics that plays an essential role in the quality and flavour of Belloterra hams. The natural environment of the pastures and the freedom with which the animal grows are also equally important, as are their diet based on acorns, grass in winter and fodder in summer.

However, at Belloterra we do not limit ourselves to caring for their environment and food, since the curing period for each piece is also important. This period usually lasts between 24 and 48 months, although this may vary and become longer depending on the size of each ham or the number of acorns that the animal had eaten.

This is the only way to produce our unique Iberian hams that have been recognised on several occasions as the best Iberian acorn-fed ham from the Valley of Los Pedroches. They have also won the “Great Taste Award”, considered the Oscars of the food world.

Iberian acorn-fed ham

The Iberian acorn-fed hams produced and marketed by Belloterra differ from the rest thanks to their texture, pleasant aroma and unique flavour, the meat having a delicate flavour and not being very salty.

All stages of the process, as well as the characteristics that a true Iberian acorn-fed ham must have, are controlled by the Designation of Origin of the Valley of Los Pedroches, located in the north of the province of Cordoba.

However, the commitment of a brand such as Belloterra is not limited to only offering the best possible quality in each of its Iberian acorn-fed hams. Instead, Belloterra also has a firm commitment to enhancing the sector, continuing with the same culture and tradition that have characterised it for centuries and preserving our natural environment and heritage.

Belloterra also takes great care with its customer service, offering timely updates on each order we receive and guaranteeing delivery within a period of 48 hours as a general rule.

Only in this way, by combining the best product with the best service and distribution, has Belloterra managed to become a leading company in the Iberian ham sector. We feel proud to be able to take the name of our region and that of the city of Cordoba to so many different corners of the world, including Europe, America and Asia.